1. The tradition of bringing a tree into your home at Christmas started in:
 A. England B. Germany  C. Norway
2. Real trees are a renewable resource.
 A. True B. False  
3. Trees from dinosaurs (plastic) are a renewable resource.
 A. True B. False  
4. Which one of the following trees is naturally scented?
 A. Aluminum Tree B. Plastic Tree  C. Real Tree
 5. About how long does it take to grow a 'Real Tree' for the Holidays:
 A. 1 - 3 years B. 4 - 12 years  C. 12 - 20 years
 6. For every 1000 Real Trees harvested at Christmas each year, how many new trees are replanted the following year?
 A. 0 - 500 B. 500 - 1000  C. 1000 - 2000
 7. How long does it take to "grow" an artificiial tree?
 A. 1 million years B. 5 million years  C. 10 million years +
 8. Artificial trees are usually recycled when they are thrown away?
 A. True B. False  
 9. Which tree provides a year round habitat for insects, birds, and mammals?
 A. A real tree B. An artificial tree
 10. In which type of forest do most people prefer to have a picnic?
 A. A forest of real trees B. A forest of plastic trees

Check your Answers and see if you deserve a 'Real Tree'


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