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CCTA Research Library

Compiled by CCTA Research Committee

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The California Christmas Tree Association Research Library is a compilation of over 200 articles and pamphlets containing information concerning cultural practices, research, management, and other aspects of growing Christmas trees in California.

It is divided into ten volumes: Vol. I– General Information; Vol. II– Genetics/Catalogs; Vol. III– Management; Vol. IV– Planting & Nursery Information; Vol. V– Weed Control; Vol. VI– Weed Control II; Vol. VII–Shearing; Vol. VIII– Insects; Vol. IX– Disease & Miscellaneous Pests; Vol. X– Irrigation & Fertilization.

Publications included within the Research Library were gathered by the Research Committee from the following sources: California Christmas Tree Association Bulletin, Pacific Northwest Lookout, National Christmas Tree Association Journal, California Tree Improvement Association, California Forest Pest Control Action Council, Tree Planter's Notes, Cooperative Extension Publications (California), Cooperative Extension Publications (Washington), Forest Research Laboratory of Oregon State University, and others.

The following is a listing of articles that are contained in the California Christmas Tree Association Research Library. Due to space limitations we could not included the complete reference for all the listings, but included only the Research Library Reference Number, Title, Author, Year of Publication, and Number of Pages. For a more complete reference on selected publications or more information on how to order copies of articles in the Library, please contact the office of the California Christmas Tree Association at 1-800-454-8733.

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Volume I

General Information

G-1 Anatomy of a Christmas Tree. Larson, Gary, 2 pp.

G-2 Let's Stop Confusing the Public...And Maybe Ourselves. Kintigh, Bob, 3 pp.

G-3 Key for Identification of Pines by Needles. Smith, John, 2 pp.

G-4 CCTA Christmas Tree Pictures, 1 p.

G-5 Pines for Christmas Trees and Holiday Decorations. Metcalf, Woodbridge, 1955, 4 pp.

G-6 How to Buy a Christmas Tree. U.S.D.A., 1976, 4 pp.

G-7 U.S. Standards for Grades of Christmas Trees. U.S.D.A., 1973, 6 pp.

G-8 The Great Scotch Pine Comeback. Tompkins, Dennis, 1987, 6 pp.

G-9 Christmas Tree Growers Choose & Cut Handbook Order Form. Covey, Bob, 1 p.

G-10 Financial Analysis of Christmas Tree Investments. Standiford, Richard, 1982, 8 pp.

G-11 Christmas Tree Plantation Costs- N.E. California Douglas-fir. Scarlett, Arthur, 1983, 2 pp.

G-12 Guides for Harvest Timing. Scarlett, Arthur, 1972, 2 pp.

G-13 Fresher Trees for Customers - Storage. Newman, Dwight, 1983, 1p.

G-14 Storage Site Selection. Scarlett, Arthur, 1972, 2 pp.

G-15 Moisture Levels in Douglas-fir on Retail Lots. Chastagner, 3 pp.

G-16 Moisture Stress Keeping Quality of Douglas-fir. Chastagner & Byther, 4 pp.

G-17 Post Harvest Handling and Storage of Douglas-fir. Montano, Jose, 1986, 4 pp.

G-18 Stumps- A Deep-Rooted Problem. Douglass, Bernard, 1983, 2 pp.

G-20 Building Woodland Roads. Washington Woodland Council, 1977, 4 pp.

G-21 Take Care of Those Roads. Nile, Jim, 1983, 1 p.

G-22 How Much Parking is Enough? Gwinner, Mike, 1986, 2 pp.

G-23 California Agriculture (County) Commissioners, 1984, 2 pp.

G-24 Keep Cut Trees Fresh, Chastagner, 1992, 2 pp.

G-25 U. C. Coop. Extension County Offices, 1984, 2 pp.

G-26 California Department of Forestry Service Foresters, 1983, 2 pp.

G-27 Designing Experiments in Christmas Tree Plantations, Part 1-Basic Principles. Nichols, Dr. Tom, 1987, 3 pp.

G-28 Designing Experiments in Christmas Tree Plantations, Part II-Methods and Examples. Nichols, Dr. Tom, 1987, 4 pp.

G-29 How We Survived and IRS Audit. Cameron, 1992, 1 pp.

G-30 Experience a Profit in Your Choose and Cut Operation, Davis, 1992, 1 pp.

G-31 Post Harvest Handling and Storage of Douglas-Fir Christmas Trees. Montano, Proebsting, 1994, 2 pp.


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Genetic Tree Improvement

T-1 Variation Among Monterey Pines of Known Genetic Origins. Libby, et al., 4 pp.

T-2 Christmas Tree Genetic Improvement in the Pac. N.W. Douglas, Bernard, 1967, 5 pp.

T-3 Genetically Proven Douglas-fir Christmas Trees (Pac. N.W.). Silen, Roy, 1977, 5 pp.

T-4 The Progressive Tree Improvement Program (Pac. N.W. Douglas-fir). Bergstrom, Dorothy, 1979, 4 pp.

T-5 Douglas-fir Seed Sources Tested in Connecticut. Jaynes, et al, 3 pp.

T-6 Genetic Adaptation and Seed Source Specificity. Adams, Thomas, 1980, 8 pp.

T-7 British Columbia Douglas-fir Christmas Tee Provenance Trial. Douglass, Bernard, 3 pp.

T-8 Douglas-fir Genetic Improvement (Calif.). Passof, Peter, 1 p.

T-9 Douglas-fir Culture in Mendocino County, Passof, Peter, 1 p.

T-10 Douglas-fir Seed Sources– Is There A Difference? Illingworth, Paul, 3 pp.

T-11 True Fir Management Co-op - Technical Notes. 1981, 6 pp.

T-12 True Fir Management Co-op - Summary Phase 1. Apger, Bill, et al., 1984, 12 pp.

T-13 Influence of Seed Source on Noble Fir. Douglass, Bernard, 2 pp.

T-14 Results of Noble Fir & Red Fir Provenance Test, Pac. N.W. Douglass, Bernard, 1983, 3 pp.

T-15 Second Noble Fir Provenance Study, Pac. N.W. Brown, Ken, 1984, 3 pp.

T-16 Final Report of the Noble Fir Progeny Test, Pac. N.W. Brown, Ken, 1987, 3 pp.

T-17 Clonal Propagation. Libby, W.J., 3 pp.

T-18 Selection of Douglas-fir Clones in the Pac. N.W. Proebsting, W.M., 1983, 3 pp.


C-1 Oregon State University, 16 pp.

C-2 University of California, 42 pp.

C-3 Washington State University, 23 pp.


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M-1 Developing Sheared Douglas-fir Christmas Trees. Pac. N.W. Ext, 1987, 18 pp.

M-2 Developing High Quality True Fir Christmas Trees. Pac. N.W. Ext, 1982, 22 pp.

M-3 Guidelines for Prospective Christmas Tree Growers. Douglass, Bernard, et al, 1979, 14 pp.

M-4 Managing & Marketing California Grown Christmas Trees, (Natural Stands). Scarlett, Arthur, 1973, 23 pp.

M-5 Christmas Tree Investigations- Natural Stands. Scarlett, Arthur, 1971, 46 pp.

M-6 Christmas Tree Farming with Monterey Pines in So. California. Francis, Leonard, 1974, 32 pp.

M-7 Development of High Quality Sheared Pine Christmas Trees. Douglass, Bernard, 1974, 15 pp.

M-8 Christmas Tree Harvesting & Marketing for Pac. N.W. Growers. Douglass, Bernard, 1971, 20 pp.

M-9 Growing Christmas Trees in the Pac. N.W. Pac. N.W. Ext., 1981, 23 pp.

M-10 Christmas Trees in the Small Woodland. Oregon State University Ext., 1982, 4 pp.

M-11 Clear Cutting Could Work for You. Lohela, Erick, 1983, 1 p.

M-12 Planning an Efficient Choose & Cut Farm. Douglass, Bernard, 1981, 4 pp.

M-13 Planning for Choose and Cut Operation. Douglass, Bernard, 4 pp.

M-14 Managing Multiple Natural Stands and Choose & Cut Operations. Grover, Irving, 6 pp.

M-15 Developing Grand Fir Christmas Trees. 3 pp.

M-16 Second Time Around. Feisley, John, 2 pp.

M-17 Cultural Basics for Quality Trees. Douglass, Bernard, 4 pp.


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L-1 Planting California Forest Land. Laacke, James, et al, 1976, 44 pp.

L-2 Ten Common Questions About Forest Tree Planting. Passof, Peter, et al., 1983, 4 pp.

L-3 Successful Christmas Tree Planting. Adams, David, 1981, 3 pp.

L-4 Plant Your Trees Right. Pitkin, Frank, 1982, 5 pp.

L-5 Illustrated Planting Methods. 1983, 2 pp.

L-6 J-Roots & Planting Too Deep–A Major Cause of Mortality. Douglass, Barney, 1 p.

L-7 Tree Planting & Stock Selection. Roush, James K., 5 pp.

L-8 Dormancy. Doughton, Kerwin, 1 p.

L-9 Fall Planting. Doughton, Kerwin, 1 p.

L-10 Seedling Care and Handling. Oregon State University Ext., 1982, 4 pp.

L-11 Machine Planting. Van Haverbeke, David, 2 pp.

L-12 Transplant Stock. Doughton, Kerwin, 1 p.

L-13 Handling Bare Root Seedlings. Doughton, Kerwin, 2 pp.

L-14 Some Guidelines for Planting 2-0 Douglas-fir in Oregon. Zaerr, Joe, 1972, 3 pp.

L-15 Effect of Auger Planting on Survival and Growth of Douglas-fir. Hobbs, S.D., 1982, 5 pp.

L-16 Rooted Cuttings-Boon Or Boondoggle? Douglass, Barney, 3 pp.

L-17 Seedling Height, Stem & Root-What They Tell Us. Doughton, Kerwin, 1 p.

L-18 Mineral Nutrition & Carbohydrate Measures of Seedling Quality. Doughton, Kerwin, 2 pp.

L-19 Performance of Artificially Shaded Douglas-fir Seedlings. Hobbs, S.D., 1982, 6 pp.

L-20 The Effects of Artificial Shade on Seedling Survival. Peterson, Gary, 1982, 2 pp.

L-21 Influence of Styroblock Size on Field Performance of Douglas-fir. Arnott, J.T., 1982, 4 pp.

L-22 ITQ-Improving Plantation Establishment. Huxter, 1 p.

Nursery Information

N-1 Some Dealers in Seed and Nursery Stock of Trees Native to California. CA Dept. of Forestry, 1982, 4 pp.

N-2 Nurseries in the Pacific Northwest. 1983, 2 pp.

N-3 Rooting Outdoors of Pinus Radiata. Libby, W., 1970, 4 pp.

N-4 How to Root Tree Cuttings. Hare, Robert, 2 pp.

N-5 Vegetative Propagation of Douglas Fir for Christmas Tree Production. McLaughlin, Vodak, Kuser, 1992, 1 p.

N-6 Some Benefits of Contract Grown Seedlings, 1983, 1 p.

N-7 Nursery Technique for Pinus Radiata. 3 pp.

N-8 Auxin Concentrations for Rooting Douglas-fir Cuttings. Proebsting, W.M., 1983, 2 pp.

N-9 Mycorrhizal Inoculation and Its Impact on Seedling Survival and Growth in Southwest Oregon. Molina, Randy, 1981, 6 pp.

N-10 Manipulation of Mycorrhizae- Growing Christmas Trees the Natural Way. Ruehle, John L., et al., 1982, 4 pp.

N-11 Ectomycorrhizal Fungi: Prescription for Improving Survival and Growth of High Quality Trees. Dixon, Robert K., 2 pp.

N-12 How to Test Herbicides at Forest Tree Nurseries. Sandquist, Roger, et al., 1981, 6 pp.

N-13 Growing Trees in Small Nurseries. Dickson, A., 1981, 12 pp.

N-14 Producing Quality Seedlings. Walch, Douglas, 2 pp.


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W-1 Weed Control in Christmas Tree Plantations. Heiligmann, Randall, 1979, 6 pp.

W-2 Weed Control in Trees and Vines - Past, Present, and Future. Fisher, Bill, 1982, 7 pp.

W-3 Weed Control in Christmas Trees - Pac. N.W. Oregon & Washington State Universities, 1982, 11 pp.

W-4 Weed Control on Christmas Tree Farms. University of California Cooperative Ext., Fresno Co., 20 pp.

W-5 Christmas Tree Weed Control. Donaldson, Dean, 1981, 4 pp.

W-6 Basics of Weed Control-Ecology, Strategy, Methods. Elmore, Illingworth, Jones, 1983, 12 pp.

W-7 Vegetation Control. 6 pp.

General Chemical

W-20 Pesticides-The Basics, 6 pp.

W-21 To Spray or Not To Spray? Managing Weed Pests, 5 pp.

W-23 Experiences With Herbicides in Christmas Trees in the Easter U.S. Ahrens, J.F., 12 pp.

W-24 Forestry Herbicides, 2 pp.

W-25 Using Herbicides to Produce a Better Christmas Tree. Ahrens, J.F., 4 pp.

W-26 Chemical Weed Control in Christmas Trees. Hill, Leonard, 6 pp.

W-27 Preemergent Herbicides for Weed Control Tested in Louisiana Virginia Pine Plantation.

Hu, S.D., et al., 1983, 1 p.

W-28 Effects of the Environment on Foliar Applied Herbicides. Elmore, Clyde, 7 pp.

W-29 Effect of the Environment on Herbicides in the Soil. Cudney, David, 5 pp.

W-30 Herbicide Loss From the Soil. Jordan, Lowell, 1982, 3 pp.

W-31 New Development in Ornamental Weed Control. Elmore, Clyde, 1982, 3 pp.

W-32 Herbicide Resistance in Weeds. Holt, Jodie, 1981, 3 pp.

W-33 Herbicide Degradation, Carry-over, and Buildup. William, Ray D., 1 p.

W-34 Check for Herbicides in the Soil. Peterson, John, 1983, 2 pp.

W-35 How to Compare Herbicide Costs in Christmas Tree Farms. Illingworth, Paul, 1983, 1 p.

W-36 Toxicology Ratings. 2 pp.

W-37 Pesticide and Conifer Options for Reforestation. Washington State Univ., 1980, 2 pp.

W-38 Helpful Hints on Proper Pesticide Storage. Adams, Roger, 2 pp.

W-39 Calibrating a Knapsack Sprayer for Christmas Tree Weed Control. Brown, Ken, 1979, 4 pp.

W-40 Equipment Calibration. 4 pp.

W-41 Nozzles Suitable for Herbicide Application in Nurseries or Christmas Trees. Ahrens, J.F., 7 pp.

W-42 Herbigation- Application of Herbicides Through Irrigation. Bendixen, Warren, 1983, 2 pp.

W-43 The Role of Adjuvants and Surfactants in Herbicide Use. Zellweger, Lee, 1980 2 pp.

W-44 Improved Shielded Herbicide Applicator for Christmas Trees. Reid, James, 1981, 16 pp.

W-45 Herbicide Choices and Weed Control. Deedler, 2 pp.


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Specific Chemical

W-60 Winter Annual Weed Control With Roundup Herbicide. Sieckert, Edwin, 1982, 5 pp.

W-61 Myths and Misuses of Roundup in Christmas Trees. Jones, Mary, 3 pp.

W-62 Simazine Enhances Balsam Fir Growth But Contributes to Deer Damage. Morgan, Ronald, 1973, 2 pp.

W-63 Meeting Your Goal with the New Versatile Herbicide- Goal. Schlesselman, J.T., 1982, 4 pp.

W-64 Surflan: A Base Herbicide for Weed Control in Tree Crops. Colbert, Floyd, 1982, 4 pp.

W-65 Two New Herbicides for Use in Ornamentals- Poast & Fusilade. Kuhns, Larry J., 3 pp.

W-66 Bracken Fem Control. Radosevich, Steven, 1978, 1 p.

W-67 Quackgrass Control in Croplands. Peabody, D. V., 1982, 3 pp.

W-68 Scotch Broom. Pac. N.W. Ext., 2 pp.

Herbicide Labels and Information

W-80 Herbicide Label Status for Christmas Trees. Elmore, Clyde, 1983, 2 pp.

W-81 Roundup Use Guide-Christmas Trees. 4 pp.

W-82 Roundup Use Guide- Brush Control. 9 pp.

W-83 Roundup Herbicide Bulletin, Toxicology & Environmental Review. 3 pp.

W-84 Handheld Controlled Droplet Application (Herbie) Use Guide. 1 p.

W-85 Round Up ULTRA.

W-86 Round Up ULTRA.

W-87 Round Up ULTRA.

W-88 Round Up ULTRA.

Herbicide Labels

W-90 Surflan. 2 pp.

W-91 Roundup-Specialty Applications. 11 pp.

W-92 Princep (4G). 3 pp.

W-93 Princep (80W). 4 pp.

W-94 Dowpon M. 4 pp.

W-95 Kerb 50-W. 4 pp.

W-96 Devrinol. 4 pp.

W-97 Goal 2E. 4 pp.

W-98 Poast. 18 pp.

W-99 Amizine. 2 pp.

W-100 No Foam. 1 p.

W-101 Treflan. 2 pp.

W-102 Diquat. 1 p.

W-103 Ronstar. 4 pp.

W-104 Predict. 3 pp.


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S-1 Developing Sheared Douglas-fir Christmas Trees. Pac. N.W. 19 pp.

S-2 The Six Characteristics of Top-Grade Douglas-fir and How to Obtain Them. Douglass, Bernard, 1982, 3 pp.

S-3 Five Little Cultural Mistakes That Cost Douglas-fir Growers Big Money. Douglass, Bernard, 1980, 6 pp.

S-4 How Do Your Sheared Douglas-fir Rate on the Quality Scale? Douglass, Bernard, 1980, 5 pp.

S-5 Shaping Douglas-fir for High Quality Christmas Trees. Grover, Irving, 1981, 5 pp.


S-15 Pruning Monterey Pine Christmas Trees, 10 pp.

S-16 Leader Length of Sheared Pine. Brown, James, 1981, 4 pp.

True Fir

S-25 Shearing and Fertilization Study for Plantation Grown Noble Fir Christmas Trees. Douglass, Bernard, 1977, 8 pp.

S-26 Shearing Grand Fir. Douglass, Bernard, 1981, 1 p.

S-27 Scarring Noble Fir to Aid in Growth Control. Brown, Ken, 1978, 1 p.

S-28 Five Little Mistakes That Cost Noble Fir Growers Big Money. Douglass, Bernard, 1984, 2 pp.


S-40 Shaping and Shearing Christmas Trees. Farrand, Edward, 1979, 2 pp.

S-41 Evaluating Shearing Tools. Blari, Bob, 1983, 1 p.

S-42 Some Thoughts on Shearing Christmas Trees. Grover, Irving, 1980, 2 pp.

S-43 Shaping Christmas Trees for Quality. Dickson & Winch, 11 pp.

S-44 Chemical Control of Growth on Pines Grown for Christmas Tree. Breece, James, 2 pp.

S-45 Do Buyers and Growers See Eye-to-Eye on Tree Quality? Douglass, Barney, 3 pp.


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General I.D. and Control

I-1 Insect, Mite, and Disease Control Guide for Christmas Trees. Bowen, W. R., et al., 1982, 12 pp.

I-2 Recognition and Management of Christmas Tree Pests. Antonelli, A. L., 1980, 19 pp.

I-3 To Spray or Not To Spray? Diagnosing Tree Problems, 6 pp.

I-4 Christmas Tree Pests, 1983, 3 pp.

I-5 Using Spray Adjuvants to Enhance Pesticide Efficiency. Mithcell, Mark, 3 pp.

I-6 Rates for Chemicals Commonly Used on Christmas Trees, Kabashin, John, et al, 2 pp.

I-7 Good Bugs. EPA, 1993, 1 p.

I-8 Biological Mite Control. Cowles, 1992, 1 p.

Insects in Pines

I-20 Nantucket Pine Tip Moth. U.S. Dept. of Agriculture Forest Service, 7 pp.

I-21 Biological Control, Nantucket Pine Tip Moth. Scriben & Luck, 3 pp.

I-22 Nantucket Pine Tip Moth (Rhyncionia frustrana). Wong, Marianne, 3 pp.

I-23 Control of Nantucket Pine Tip Moth. Brown & Malinoski, 4 pp.

I-24 Latest Information on Nantucket Pine Tip Moth Control. Paine, Timothy D., 3 pp.

I-25 Trap/Lure Comparison Study. Malinoski, Mary Kay, 2 pp.

I-26 Monterey Pine Tip Moth. Koehler, Carol, 1969, 4 pp.

I-27 Seasonal Activity and Control of Monterey Pine Tip Moth. Koehler, Carol, 1984, 5 pp.

I-28 Biological Studies of Needle Weevil on Monterey Pine. Jensen, Gary, 1969, 4 pp.

I-29 White Pine Weevil. Antonelli, Arthur, 1983, 2 pp.

I-30 Irregular Pine Scale. Koehler, Carl, 1973, 2 pp.

I-31 Timing and Treatment for Control of Irregular Pine Scale. Koehler, Carl, 1985, 4 pp.

I-32 Pine Bark Beetle. Fitzgerald, Tonie, 1981, 3 pp.

I-33 Sequoia Pitch Moth. Antonelli, Arthur, 1983, 3 pp.

I-34 Sequoia Pitch Month on Monterey Pine. Payne, Perley, 1980, 3 pp.

I-35 Relationship of Infestation of Sequoia Pitch Moth to Monterey Pine Trunk Injury. Koehler, Carl, 1983, 3 pp.

I-36 European Pine Shoot Moth. Antonelli, Arthur, 1981, 2 pp.

I-37 Monterey Pine Deaths in the San Francisco Bay Area. Hamilton, W.D., et al., 2 pp.

I-38 Red Turpentine Beetle - A Pest of Pines. Koehler, Carl, 1978, 4 pp.

I-39 Life History of Spider Mites and Influence on Temp. on Development. Landwehr, Val, 1982, 7 pp.

I-40 Distribution and Seasonal Abundance of Spider Mite on Montereys. Koehler, Carl, 1968, 7 pp.

I-41 False Spider Mite Injury on Monterey Pine. Landwehr, Val, 1980, 4 pp.

I-42 Biology of the Gall Wasp on Scots Pine. Stark, R.W., 1964, 6 pp.

I-43 Pine Gall Wasp. Koehler & Stark, 1 p.

I-44 Status of Resin Midges of Monterey Pine. Koeher, C.S., et al., 1 p.

Insects in Douglas-fir

I-60 Douglas-fir Needle Midge-Spray Schedule by Use of Trap. Simko, Ben, 1982, 2 pp.

I-61 Douglas-fir Needle Midge (California). Joose, J.L., 1983, 3 pp.

I-62 Progress in Douglas-fir Needle Midge Control. Koehler, C.S., 2 pp.

I-63 Cooley Aphid and Needle Midge. Tompkins, Dennis, 3 pp.

I-64 Needle Midge Spray Schedule, 2 pp.

I-65 Biology and Control of Douglas-fir Needle Midge in Christmas Trees. Antonelli, Arthur, 1981, 2 pp.

I-66 Spatial Isolation of Spruce & Douglas-fir. Does it Matter to Cooley Spruce Gall Aphid? McClure, , 3 pp.

I-67 Cooley Spruce Gall Aphid. Antonelli, Arthur, 2 pp.

I-68 The Balsam Woolly Adelgid. Antonelli, A. L., 3 pp.

I-69 The Spruce Spider Mite: A Mite of Destruction. Regan, Richard P., 2 pp.

Insects in Spruce and True Fir

I-80 Spruce Aphid. Davidson, Roy, 1982, 2 pp.

I-81 Spruce Needle Miner. Mayer, Daniel, 1983, 2 pp.

Insects in All Species

I-90 Bark Beetles in California Forest Trees. Koehler, Carl, 1978, 8 pp.

I-91 Grasshopper Control. Retan, Arthur, 1979, 2 pp.

I-92 Gypsy Moth in California. Hoy, Marjorie, 1982, 3 pp.

I-93 Box Elder bug. University of California, Division of Agriculture Sciences, 2 pp.

I-94 Mites of Christmas Trees. Koehler, C.S., 3 pp.

I-95 Root Weevils in Christmas Trees. Capizzi, Joe, 2 pp.

Insecticide Labels

I-100 Malathion. 3 pp.

I-101 Diazinon. 3 pp.

I-102 Omite-30W. 4 pp.

I-103 Sevin 50-W. 5 pp.

I-104 Metasystox-R. 8 pp.

I-105 Orthene. 4 pp.

I-106 Pental Miticide. 4 pp.

I-107 Pydrin. 2 pp.


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General I.D. and Control

D-1 Insect, Mite, and Disease Control for Christmas Trees. Koeher, Carl, et al., 1982, 12 pp.

D-2 And a Pinch of Baking Soda. Farm Chemicals, 1992, 1 p.

Diseases in Douglas-fir and True Fir

D-10 Fungicide Control of Swiss Needle Cast. Byther, Ralph, 1981, 2 pp.

D-11 Control of Swiss Needle Cast in Douglas-fir. Skilling, Darroll, 1981, 3 pp.

D-12 Control of Swiss Needle on Douglas-fir Christmas Trees With Aerial Applications of Chlorothalonil. Chastagner, G.A., 1983, 3 pp.

D-13 Swiss Needle Cast in Douglas-fir. Byther and Chastagner, 5 pp.

D-14 Control of Needle Rust of Douglas-fir. University of California Coop Ext., 2 pp.

D-15 Rhahdocline Needle Cast of Douglas-fir. Davidson, Roy, 1979, 2 pp.

Diseases in Pines

D-25 Western Gall Rust. Donaldson, Dean, 1976, 2 pp.

D-26 Control of Gall Rust with Bayleton. McCain, Arthur, 1982, 2 pp.

D-27 Gall rust. McCain, Art, 1983, 3 pp.

D-28 Field Test of Bayleton Spraying and Top Pruning for Control of Western Gall Rust. Illingworth, Paul, 1983, 3 pp.

D-29 Gall Rust Control. Illingworth, Paul, 4 pp.

D-30 Principal Needle Diseases of Pines Used for Christmas Trees. Skilling, Darrell, 1984, 7 pp.

D-31 Lophodermium Needle Cast of Pines. Byther, Ralph, 1979, 2 pp.

D-32 Control of Lophodermium Needle Cast in Pac. N.W. Scotch Pine. Staley, John, et al., 1981, 4 pp.

D-33 Pitch Canker: New Diseases of Pines in California. Svhira, Pavel, 1 p.

D-34 Phytophthora Root Rot of Pinus Radiata in Christmas Trees. Monnecke, Donald, 1976, 5 pp.

D-35 “On Target,” Phytophthora Control. Kabnshima, John, 1 p.

D-36 Needle Cast and Rust Damage to Scotch Pine Christmas Trees. Saunders, J.L., 1975, 12 pp.

D-37 Diplodia Tip Blight of Pines. Hudler & Sinclair, 4 pp.

D-38 Pine Pitch Canker. Starier, 1994, 3 pp.

D-39 Pine Pitch Canker, California Dept. of Forestry, 1995, 1 p.

True Fir

D-50 Grovesiella abieticola. Associated with a Canker Disease of True Firs. Chastagner, Gary, et al., 1985, 2 pp.

D-51 True Fir Diseases and Disorders: Current Season Needle Necrosis. Chastagner, Gary, 2 pp.

D-52 Control of Needle Cast of White Fir. McAin, Arthur, 1 p.

Fungicide Labels

D-60 Bayleton. 7 pp.

D-61 Dithane M-45. 3 pp.

D-62 Dithane Z-78. 3 pp.

D-63 Bravo 500. 9 pp.

D-64 Subdue 2E. 2 pp.

D-65 Aliette. 2 pp.

D-66 Bravo. 5 pp. and 1 pp.

Miscellaneous Pests

P-1 Fences for Controlling Deer Damage. Longhurst, William, 1962, 20 pp.

P-2 Building and Electric Antipredator Fence. Pac. N.W. Ext., 1983, 11 pp.

P-3 Vexar Seedling Protectors to Reduce Wildlife Damage to Douglas-fir. Campbell, Dan, 1975, 11 pp.

P-4 Vertebrate Pest Control. Summann, M.W., 1977, 15 pp.

P-5 Pocket Gopher Control. Washington State Univ., 1978, 16 pp.

P-6 Pocket Gopher Control Materials. U.S.D.A., 1962, 3 pp.

P-7 Coping with Deer. Kintigh, Bob, 2 pp.

P-8 Christmas Tree Damage Caused by Meadow Mice. Craven, Scott 2 pp.


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R-1 Drip Irrigation Management. Fereres, Elias, 1981, 40 pp.

R-2 Estimating Irrigation Costs. Willet, Gayle, 1982, 18 pp.

R-3 How to Compare the Costs of Leasing or Buying an Irrigation System. Willet, Gayle, 1980, 12 pp.

R-4 Soil Erosion and Sediment Control Under Irrigation. Dow, A.I., 1979, 8 pp.

R-5 Tensionmeters - Questions & Answers. Marsh, Albert, 1975, 10 pp.

R-6 Sprinkler Application of Herbicides. Parker, Robert, 1980, 2 pp.

R-7 How to Estimate Capacity for Sprinkler Irrigation Systems. Sheaiet, Marvin, 1977, 3 pp.

R-8 Don't Pour Pumping Dollars Down the Drain. Little, Dale, 2 pp.

R-9 Drip Irrigation for Christmas Trees. Covey, Bob, 2 pp.

R-10 Update on Automated Irrigation. Schafer, Roger, 2 pp.

R-11 Hot Weather Sprinkling Damages? Protects Plants? Green, Jim, 1987, 1 p.

R-12 When My Trees Get Yellow, I Get Black and Blue, Milligan, 1992, 2 pp.

R-13 An In-Depth Look at Soil Water Monitoring and Measurement Tools, Ley, 1995, 4 pp.

R-14 Causes and Prevention of Emitter Clogging in Micro Irrigation Systems. Smajsria, 1995, 3 pp.

Irrigation Equipment

R-20 Drip Catalog. Bonnett Pipe & Supply, 11 pp.

R-21 Fertilization Tank. 1 p.

R-22 Media Filter & Screen Filter. 4 pp.

R-23 Free Flow, Expoxy Coated Screen Filter, 2 pp.

R-24 Toro Sprinkler, 8 pp.

R-25 Computerized Controller, 6 pp.

R-26 Emitter Systems, 8 pp.


F-1 Christmas Tree Fertilization-A Question Which Needs Answers. Harward, Moyle, 3 pp.

F-2 Fertilizer Guide for Christmas Trees. Oregon State Univ., 1983, 2 pp.

F-3 Role of Nutrients in Christmas Tree Management. Harward, Moyle, 2 pp.

F-4 Doing Your Own Thing With Fertilizer Trials. Harward, Moyle, 2 pp.

F-5 Fertilization Study of Plantation Grown Grand Fir Trees. Douglass, Bernard, 1977, 2 pp.

F-6 Fertilization Study for Plantation Grown Noble Fir. Douglass, Bernard, 1977, 8 pp.

F-7 Effects of Fertilizer Starter Pellets on Growth and Mortality. Dulitz, David, 1982, 3 pp.

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